BURNING ROCK!!! (stone grill…)


Posted:August 11th, 2009  |  by jeffrey

What is up!?!!!?

A lot IF YOU ASK ME!!!

So for those of you who do not know, YESTERDAY was press CONFERENCE!!!

LOL, I sound so boring… so ill just talk about the one thing i thought was really cool! I thought that the most exciting part of the Press Conference was (drum roll)

EATING!!!!! lol eating at the stonegrill is like walking on the thin line between having a good time and first degree burns, I mean your eating right above not a plate, but a burning  rock (otherwise known as stonegrill, hence where the name of the restaurant stonegrill comes from)

So in this setting you got to be extra careful of your surroundings and of your own movements. ONE wrong move and BAM, your in the hospital!

YEAH then we went to aquarium, and we saw *gasp* fishes, beluga whales, and a gift shop.

THATS all for now!!!!!!!!!!! yup and now too!!!!!! BYE BYE!!! ZAI JIAN!

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  1. Julia says:

    ONE wrong move and BAM, your in the hospital!

    That’s only when you do something wrong :)

  2. Janelle says:

    Haha your so hilarious jeff!! <3
    man we should hang out soon !!
    miss youuu!


  3. Alex =) says:

    HI JEFFERY, CBC 4 LIFE LMAAO high five =D…. dont leave me hanging >_<

  4. Angela says:

    LOL! Go Jeffrey!!!! xP
    Congratz and good luck^^

  5. Fred says:

    damn jeffrey ur awesome =)
    we should hang out soon..i miss your funni-ness =)

  6. Anon says:

    Hi there. You probably don’t remember me as we’ve only conversed twice? thrice?, but I remember you (possibly to your unique views). We were in a class together in gr. 8, I believe. (:
    In any case, I definitely did not see this coming, but congratulations!
    Keep up that great image!

    PS. My grammar isn’t perfect… but you bring out the grammar Nazi in me (not that this is a bad thing… if you’re into Punctuation Holocausts…). :D No offense intended, of course!

  7. jessica says:

    you are cool, too bad I already vote no.8. but if I have 1more vote, will on you
    keep going….

  8. yuna says:

    haaii! you don’t know me but i know jennifer….
    good luck! you’re hilarious!

  9. Vicky Wang says:

    OMG JEFFREY LIU!!! IT IS YOU! AHAHAHA its so awkward seeing you on TV and website!
    Remember me? Vicky? from Capital Hill Elementary School? LMAOOOOOOO
    WOW Long time no see! you look soooo different ahaha
    Hope you are doing well, and SERIOUSLY KEEP IN TOUCH ;P

    Good Luck and Congratz :)

  10. Auntie CAT says:

    do you know who I am? xixixi, hahaha, you looks so cool, Auntie Meiling said because of the hair stye, your face looks little bit long. so you can give us more laugh!
    GOOD LUCK, we all vote you!

  11. Meiling says:

    hi, Jeff, like your frien”ship” very much ! well said, but it’s not the end …
    will see how far this “ship” goes….
    like the way you describe the stone grill, too.
    walking on the thin line……did not know you are so good in writing….
    go for it, tiger….

  12. maggie says:

    you’re cool :3

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