it started with “Meteor Garden”… 一切從《流星花園》開始…


Posted:August 20th, 2009  |  by brian

Hello 大家好, 又是我 SUNSHINE NATION Boys’ Manager – BRIAN 。其實我和 Barbara 除了是 SUNSHINE NATION Managers 之外, 我們也是 SUNSHINE NATION 2009 的形象統籌。 由髮型, 化妝, 舞台上的衣著, 和制服都是我們的工作範圍, 至於拍攝就要看參賽者的擺 pose 天分和耐力了。那麼十個小朋友身上的制服是怎樣開始的呢? 一切從 brainstorming 開始 – 靈感的來源包括校園電視劇 《Gossip Girls》, 韓國流行文化, 和不同版本的《流星花園》。台灣版的《流星花園》當然是可米製作的經典之作啦!

Hey it’s BRIAN, the SSN Boys’ Manager again! Today I am putting on another hat – as one of the image coordinators (it’s me + Barbara) – to blog about the production of the SSN09 uniform. We are responsible for overlooking the make up, hairstyle, show costume, and the most important of all – the uniform! In terms of photo shoot, that is out of our control – it’s in the hands of contestant! Where did we begin? So the production of the uniform started with brainstorming – we were inspired by “Gossip Girls”, K-Pop, and the different versions of “Meteor Garden”, which the Taiwanese version was obviously a huge success by none other than Comic Productions!

Korean version of Meteor Garden - "꽃보다 男子 (Boys Over Flowers)" (KBS)

Korean version of Meteor Garden - "꽃보다 男子 (Boys Over Flowers)" (KBS)

main characters of China's version of Meteor Garden

main characters of China's version of 流星花園(Meteor Garden) (Hunan TV)

Taiwan's version of Meteor Garden

Taiwanese's version of 流星花園 (Meteor Garden) (Comic Production - CTS)

Gossip Girl

main characters of hit TV series "Gossip Girl" (CW)

其實在面試日和電影廣告拍攝日之間只有六日, 試穿制服之後只有很短的時間讓我們為制服加工。整個制服的製作中最特別, 也是對我們最陌生的, 是校章的製作 – 因為真的沒這方面的經驗呢! 見步行步吧~ 首先, 你需要一個燙斗, 布料 (我們用的是氈布), 和燙畫紙。另外, 當然要先有一個設計啦! 要記得把設計左右反轉才印在燙畫紙呀。

Fitting day was just two days after the audition and four days before the TV commercial shoot and photo shoot, so we have a very short time frame to put together all the pieces, modifying them, and the most important of all, making the school crest! Honestly I have not done this before, so we just following the instruction and hope for the best! What you need are an iron, the fabric you are making the crest on, which was felt in our case, and thermal transfer paper. So first of all, you have to design the school crest! But make sure you flip the image horizontally before you print them onto thermal transfer paper.

iron, felt, and printable paper

iron, felt, and printable paper

on the computer

as seen on the computer

將燙畫紙反轉放在氈布上, 然後用燙斗用力向下按。一定要平均地用力向下按! 因為紙上沒有記號告訴用家甚麼時候可以把紙撕掉, 所以就要碰碰運氣了。成功! 製成品很漂亮呢~!

Then lay the thermal paper onto the felt and press with the iron set to the cotton setting. Evenly pressing the entire area is the key to make the image transfer onto the fabric successfully. There’s no way you can tell it’s ready, so you have to be the judge and hope for the best when you start peeling the paper off. So pretty =)

press evenly all over

press evenly all over

peel when you think it's ready

peel when you think it's ready

pretty pretty badges

pretty pretty badges

Barbara 在縫紉方面比較利害, 所以由她來把校章縫上校服和其他縫紉, 而我就付責製造校章和 logistic。今年 SUNSHINE NATION 的校服就是這樣誕生了。

Since I am not good at sewing so I made the badges and overlook logistic while Barbara did all the sewing… and this is how the uniforms were born! Stay tuned for more insider update…

barbara sewing

Barbara sewing the badges

me cutting out the badges

me cutting out the badges

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