Crystal Mall Talent SHow, weeewooo weeewooo *ambulance sound* cause i died LOL!


Posted:August 23rd, 2009  |  by Alex

PHEEEW, its over… for now =D For all of you who came out!! to WATCH Us… and EAT FIRST, THEN WATCH US =D HOPE YOU GUYS ENJOYED THE SHOW!=)

waking up early in the morning to get our make up done, CANT TOUCH MY FACE T_T and hair, CANT TOUCH MY HAIR EITHER D= killllleeer =(

now, i told myself not to be nervous… but that didnt work out too well >__< i hope no one saw my legs shaking D=

At first, i was fine! peeking my head out of the curtains looking at the FANS AND SUPPORTERS AND PEOPLE ENJOYING THEIR FOOD!

but then, as it got closer and closer to the start of the show!  every second, was making me shiver more and MORE D=
BAM, my music goes on for my dance, BAM the floor isnt wooden D= BAM everyone did awesome =)
IT was ONe LONG MORNING, and in the end, i could finally scratch my nose, so everything is A-OKAY ^.^
oh oh, and picture with GRACE =)

ooo.. i like my hair.. =) i like grace's better tho, lets trade =D

ooo.. i like my hair.. =) i like grace's better tho, lets trade =D

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  1. Grace says:

    i like u too la~~~ cute little Alex~~~next time we shoule take more pics hahahaha

  2. JuliaT says:

    Dont worry ! You did great ! I cant wait to see you on friday ! ^___^
    jia you, alex !! <3

  3. BlueOtter says:

    Work hard!!!!! C ya tmr night! Remember to have fun and don’t be nervous on wat place you will get tmr night! =D. We will all cheer you oooonn~~!! (^.^)b

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