Stardate, August 11, 2009… no im joking LOL! the day after yesterday =)


Posted:August 11th, 2009  |  by Alex

LOL ok seeing as how everyone did their blogs in chinese, besides reika D= ill be doing mine in english LOL! cause my chinese isnt the greatest hehe
Yessterday august the 10th was one LOOOONG day >_< but, it was a FUN LOOOONG day =D
Waking up from 6:30 in the morning cause i was worried id forget to bring something, and heading out at 10 am T_T man was i tired LOL
putting on make-up, getting our hair done, its actually pretty fun, when its being done on you =D but staying still uhh working on that =P
The press conference was the BIG one that we had to be perfect on! and it just so happens, epic fail for me >_<
standing there letting out my sunshine! and then blanking out for 5 seconds LMAO T_T but it was alright tho, everyone was cheering for me and that got me right back up =)
The food was pretty awesome, having stone grill for my first time, wondering if the food would ever stop sizzling LOL being the slowest to eat after cause it was hot =(
and the going to the aquarium to eat the balugas! LMAO no kidding, we were still hungry tho hehe they did look yummy ;D unfortunately it was pouring rain D= but thats no problem for us sunshine people! we smiled till our jaw’s cramped up! mine still hurts =(  at the end of the day, eating at a chinese restaraunt in aberdeen and taking pictures everywhere we went =D
From 6:30 ( for me T_T ) to 10:30, it was ONE LONG DAY, but i didnt mind, cause i was with the sunshine crew the whole way out =)


LMAO dont mind me in the corner, im just taking a nap apparently D=

LMAO dont mind me in the corner, im just taking a nap apparently D=

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  1. Grace says:

    hi, alex….u ar so cute~~~good

  2. Leon T says:

    hi alex your so cute lor~~ <3 I'm your biggest fan laaa~~ ^.^ V
    LMFAO gl man =) you'll win for sure !

  3. Reika says:

    LOL, “except for Reika” eh?
    I’ll include some Chinese in there….*asks parents*
    Muahaha, well, I’LL USE JAPANESE INSTEAD >;)
    Try French? x3

  4. ybsoe23 says:


  5. Alex =) says:

    LOL! aw thanks eleanore! =D
    hehe thanks for the luck, hope to see you at ze talent show =D

  6. Henrie says:

    YAO. WE LOVE YOU ALEX !!! <3
    ALEX NUMBA ONE LOR !!! : )

  7. venus li says:

    YAY ALEX!!!!!!
    you are aweeesoooommmmeeeee!
    p.s. can i meet jack???

  8. Millie says:

    hey man get some sleep…u party wayy 2 hard XD

  9. xykjqlkyv says:


    yvguvxwji gexmr bschovs zoto tctdipaaxgboost…

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