Posted:August 11th, 2009  |  by julia

Omg I typed a whole paragraph in my blog but it got deleted D: Now I have to type everything again LOL failll . But yeah , overall I had so much fun @ the Press Conference . Such a good experience :) I was so tempted to go on stage hehehehe ^_^ Stonegrill is officially my fav restaurant , the view is absolutely stunning < 3 I burnt myself when I poured the butter on the stone :’ ( booooooooooo . & Alex started cooking sugar cubes & cantoloupes on the stone , LOL fun fun fun .

2 more weeks till finale guys , work haaaaaaaard & have fun =)
now I gotta go back to brainstorming another 4059834059438 hours on which celebrity to mimick LOL


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  1. Simon says:

    hey Julia! excellent work in the press con yesterday!

    I went to Stone Grill some years ago by myself and the waitor told me not to pour any sauces onto the hot plate… LOL. Be careful next time!

  2. Alex =) says:

    LMAO i thought it was melon.. LOL! but dont mind me, i didnt knwo what you were doing when you took the milk for coffee, and put it into your tea. LOL! me: what are you doing? o_o i thought you had tea ?! you: yea i do, im making milktea =D me: ooh… OOOOH MILK TEA SO SMART OMG i should’ve thought of that =( hehe

  3. julia says:

    LOL WAIT , ISN’T IT CANTOLOUPE ? Wow I thought you knew you could put milk into tea to make milk tea rofl rofl you fail

    Nxt time you can make it eheheehe
    then we’ll put burnt sugar cubes in them right ? :D

  4. jessica says:

    when are you flying plane next time?get some more pictures!

  5. nicole says:

    julia , ur look sooo good in the pics :)
    i see u working rlly hard !
    dont give upp cs i know ur learning soo much exp from this !
    im sooooo.. proud of chu !
    & guess wut ? me gna see u on tv soon !

    lots of love <3
    xoxo !
    ps. go #8 !

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  7. zwembroek says:

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