Posted:August 11th, 2009  |  by reika

How’s everyone doing?
Ahaha, well, I’m really tired…

I’ll post up some pictures as soon as I feel like it LOL ;)
Wait for the videos to be updated, and hear my horrible Mando pronounciation >___<;;

I really dont have anything to say, actually. So make sure you guys leave comments so I do have something to talk about ^^b!!

Enjoy your day!

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  1. Jinny says:

    wa hoo~~~~~~
    Go Reika!!!!!!!
    ur mando pronounciation is great!
    at least i understand everything u said:P lol

  2. Jeanie says:

    Reika, I just KNOW you’ll be great! So don’t EVER doubt yourself (your mando was awesome), and well… SHINE!!! ;)
    (like you always do… =)
    You already know you have my 100% faith and support <3
    HAVE FUN~ <3<3<3

  3. reika says:

    Thanks Jinny~, but you’ll laugh at my self-intro, ahaha x) Love you~~

    “Mommy” ;D I know you trust me (: Love you too <3

  4. AnJ says:

    -gasp- lol first time seeing you in school uniforms
    so cute

    Just wanted you to know that you’re the BEST

    REIKA 必胜~~
    It’s your time to shine<3


  5. reika says:

    LOL, my first uniform, not really, actually second ^^;
    I’ll do my best, love you too <3

  6. PeonySun says:

    HI REIKA~~ <3
    ALWAYs by ur SIDE :D

  7. anonymous says:

    hey i voted for you cuz ur awesome

  8. reika says:


  9. Naaatalie~~ says:

    SUPPORT YOU REIKA~~ <33 you're gonna win this =] I BELIEVE IN YOUU ~~

  10. heidisung says:

    HAHAHAH at gavin`s post xD
    ADD OIL LA ~! (:

    [don`t forget me either ;) ]

  11. tony says:

    hi this is Tony. u know… Bob… the snail… i’m in China just wanted to wish you luck. U better win so i can get a prize for voting for you

  12. buddy says:

    how come you dont have ur videos yet? haha 頑張ってね

  13. reika says:


  14. anita says:

    dude u should rock the world with ur mad piano skillees dude

    ur rockin ….bb!!!~~~
    from amanda and anita

    u rock rememeber to knock them dead when u win

  15. Nobutada says:

    Dont worry 令佳さん、your Mando is really good. 頑張ってね~

  16. Lawrence says:

    How to vote?

  17. Lawrence says:

    Hi Reika

    Never mind, the website had problem and did not show the voting secton. We just voted and believe you will win.

    Lawrence and family

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