Friendship – The kind of ship that never sinks!


Posted:August 13th, 2009  |  by jeffrey

“A friend loveth at all times.”

I guess a part of this competition is not only competing with others; but also creating lasting friendships with the people around you.

In my opinion that in itself is the ultimate prize that we have all received and will be able to take away from this competition regardless of how well we do on stage or in the finals!

This competition not only introduced me to new friends, but also uncovered the old ones!!! I thank admins and officers Jacky, Mark (Nice Pic LOL), George, Mason, and Josh for creating a facebook group (even though I do not have facebook). That really moved me after I found out through Mason, so all I can say is I am glad our friendship cannot be SUNK!

AND OF COURSE THANKS TO EVERYONE WHO JOINED!!! IT is always nice to know that when someone is in a time of need, their friends from close and afar all come to support!

There are battleships, there are aircraft carriers, many ships come in all shapes and sizes. But the strongest ship of them all is friendship not built upon steel, wood, or iron, but on the most powerful foundation of all: LOVE =)

Thats all for now, regardless of what happens, with friends like these I will



Do you see the powerful friend"ship"???

Do you see the powerful friend"ship"???

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  1. Reika says:

    LOL so cheesy BOB xD
    GJGJ (:

  2. Angel Mo says:

    oh BOB try to register @ facebook and u will get more pics haha

  3. Jack says:

    haha class of 2009 ftw~!!!

  4. Catfish :) says:

    hey were you ever in cadets??
    my frd and i think you look really familiar but we’re not sure where we saw you before… =T
    anyways, FIGHTING! :) do your best~ ^^

  5. Jeffrey Liu says:

    lol thanks for the support =). yeah i was in cadets years ago, when i was 13 i think.

  6. Catfish :) says:

    ahh icic~ XD

  7. yuna says:

    lool i joined the group :)
    its pretty aweesome
    and omgsh u were in cdts? air/sea/army??

  8. jeffrey says:

    lol it was sea cadets

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