Distance Cannot Suppress Sorrow


Posted:August 15th, 2009  |  by jeffrey

After hearing from the news about Typhoon Morakot which hit Taiwan last weekend,  I subconsciously started to reevaluate my own life.

Over the past few days while the people of Taiwan were being hit with this disaster, I was here in Canada living a relatively peaceful life taking many things for granted.

I remember seeing on the news a woman trying to find out what happened to her sister, she was crying and wailing out to the rescue team to find her sister, to tell her she was safe.

She was just one of the many who have also lost friends and relatives to the sudden disaster. That really made me think about life here in Canada, in Vancouver,regretting the times when I was angry at my sister or brother, at times when I get sad or distraught over the smallest things, or mad over some comment made by a close friend. To often I waste life away, not treasuring what I have, nor the time I have been given.

Can these things I face in my life really compare to what people are facing in Taiwan? It’s times like these where I realize I have a lot and am very blessed to live in a safe and peaceful city. It’s times like these where I feel sorrow for those who deserve more.

So whatever means available, fund raising, donating, or bringing awareness to others about this disaster; all will directly or indirectly help the victims of the typhoon.

I will continue to pray and do what I can to help, and I sure hope you can too.

Thank you.

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  1. Foker says:

    That’s pretty deeep. but didn’t like the first part at all, too many big words x)
    man, i wonder by the nickname if yakno who i am ;)

  2. Foker says:

    and oh, i’ll be cheerin for you and alex .. swc pride ;)

  3. yuna says:

    omgg ikr! its horrible! yeahh u should b nice to jenn ;(

  4. Meiling says:

    well said. we are all in the same boat, only realize how fortunate we are in Vancouver,
    we can truly enjoy and show gratitude for what we have.

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  6. lainaa says:

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