Posted:August 20th, 2009  |  by julia

made the cake for french class last year :) got an A on the project LOL weeeeeee ^_^
& some other pictures with my best friend ivy ! and myself of course
bwahah jokes

but yeaaaaaaaa , vote #8 ! yeyeyeyeye

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Posted:August 17th, 2009  |  by julia

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Please vote for me #8 Julia =)

Thanks everyone < 3

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summer o9 < 3


Posted:August 14th, 2009  |  by julia


heyaaaaaaaa everyone !

I thought I’d share w/ everyone as to what I did this summer =) wooooooooo

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♥ sunshine nation !


Posted:August 13th, 2009  |  by julia

Picture 010

Kay so I’m super super super bored so I thought I’d dedicate this to Sunshine Nation LOLOLOLOL
kthnx bai ^_^

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♪ lalala


Posted:August 13th, 2009  |  by julia

Another day with the sunshine boyz & girlz =) So fun omggggggg . We all went out for dinner @ went to K Mixx to sing karaoke hehehe < 3 Angel you’re such a good singer :) I envy you LOL .  Sorry if I made everyone’s ears bleed when I sang LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL much love much love. I left early to go eat all you can eat sushi & I’ve never been this full . I’m taking a break from Sushi for like .. a year now D:

But yeuhhhhh , I think we shud all go to the PNE when it opens yeeaaaaaaa ? Rollercoasters ftw ^_^ I miss eating cotton candy & dying inside the Haunted House . LOL , this one time I was in the Haunted House & it was so dark so I couldn’t see A SINGLE THING then I walked into the wall =( & My friend fell on top of me cus she was behind me ROFL fail fail fail .

I’ll post the pictures up from karaoke later on =) Right now I’m gonna go do some sit ups to work off all the sushi I ate today LOLS

Don’t forget to comment & vote everybodaaaaay ! <3 you guys

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Posted:August 11th, 2009  |  by julia

Omg I typed a whole paragraph in my blog but it got deleted D: Now I have to type everything again LOL failll . But yeah , overall I had so much fun @ the Press Conference . Such a good experience :) I was so tempted to go on stage hehehehe ^_^ Stonegrill is officially my fav restaurant , the view is absolutely stunning < 3 I burnt myself when I poured the butter on the stone :’ ( booooooooooo . & Alex started cooking sugar cubes & cantoloupes on the stone , LOL fun fun fun .

2 more weeks till finale guys , work haaaaaaaard & have fun =)
now I gotta go back to brainstorming another 4059834059438 hours on which celebrity to mimick LOL


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Hi Hi, this is Julia~


Posted:August 10th, 2009  |  by julia

Hi hi! This is Sunshine Nation #8 Julia. I’ll start writing my blog soon, stay tuend ^_^.

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