Happily ever after…


Posted:August 29th, 2009  |  by jeffrey

“This is not the end. It is not even the beginning of the end. But it is, perhaps, the end of the beginning.”

Wow…What can I say, the realization of winning has finally hit me after I had a good night sleep of four hours.

Well…what I can say is thank you very much to Fairchild, teachers, and judges for making this all possible. Thank so much to my family, friends, and audience for rooting me on during the night and supporting me throughout the show.

Well I guess yesterday was the official Sunshine Nation graduation for all of us Sunshine Boys and Girls.

Alex, thanks for being a BEST friend both on stage, off stage, and right before the stage LOL! Without your support on the last day, I would not have done so well. THANKS SOO MUCH! =)

Basil, always so innocent and kind, truly a pleasure to talk too, and great company! whenever I feel sad or need a good laugh. People like you are few and far between! (and thats a good thing) =)

Iver, LOL so funny and always so carefree! You were like a big brother to me! Thanks for your advice about not feeling nervous on the stage; that advice I kept to heart and it worked! =)

Jack, first guy I met on audition, even before I made it in! Always so friendly and caring, thanks for being the longest friend in this journey, your positive attitude has really changed me! =)

Grace, thanks for being a great big sister, and your singing WAS AWESOME! =) A very kind friend who always laughed at my jokes! (That made me feel really good) Thank you for that! =)

Reika, you truly are a very understanding friend! (esp. those times when i needed your Ipod! JK) Congratulation on winning the Talent Award, you  are a really skilled and gifted girl! =)

Julia, lol SO SORRY FOR STEPPING ON YOUR TOE! Well that aside whew lol, THANKS for being  a great friend, and the best support before every opening dance, lol esp when I crash! =)

Ivy, LOL my partner for catwalk and dancing! So much fun on stage, you made every every catwalk and dance a great experience! And offstage, you were always fun to be around, partner! =)

Angel, winner of both Sunshine Girl and People’s choice Award, I guess I was right, we won it together like in rehearsal time lol! Thanks for being a great person who I could ALWAYS talk too! =)

It’s been a long journey, one that we all have taken together; and one in which we can cherish the memory of in the future. We all worked hard and had a great time and progressed greatly from where we started!

And of course, one final quote to summarize my reaction to this Sunshine Nation journey!

“Don’t cry because it’s over. Smile because it happened!”

And thus it ends, happily ever after…

God bless,

Jeffrey Robert Jia Liu

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  1. Leon L says:

    hehe Im happy for you. Congrats! Now I can grow up and tell my kids “Hey I went to school with that guy!” and boast about knowing you, from elementary at least xD Best wishes in your future! Happy to have been a part of your life!

    Are you considering going to HK?

  2. Ada.y says:

    ooooo~what advice did Iver give you cuhz it worked for you XD!!!!!!!

  3. eleanor says:


  4. anthony says:

    Great job my bro, your glory days are yet to come!

  5. Cynthia says:

    Jeffery, I watched all your show video in our church. You are a gift boy. Congrats on your great job. John and I will forever your support. God bless.

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