Talent Show


Posted:August 25th, 2009  |  by brian

Hey, SSN09 Insider Eric is here! So yesterday was SUNSHINE NATION 2009 Talent Show and it was a blast! I have never seen so much screaming fans, and they are all here for me! LOL just joking… they are there to support our 10 Sunshine Boyz and Girlz. Technically the talent was the first time the general public can see our 10 Sunshine Boyz and Girlz in person, so everyone were kinda curious to see how they actually look like in person, and see what kinda talent they can bring to the table. The Talent Show started with a short catwalk in pairs, and then the 10 Sunshine Boyz and Girlz took turns to introduce themselves to the audience. They all improved so much since the first time I have seen them practicing this part. Self introduction is not just standing behind a microphone and talk pointlessly. First, you have to make the script engaging and persuade those who don’t know you personally to like you, and ultimately vote for you in the Brian Jessel BMW People’s Choice Award at our Sunshine Nation website! They all had a blast on stage and everyone loved them! I wish I am the one on stage making every girl in the audience falling in love with me…

Anyway… my main role at the Talent Show is to be a stage crew, so I had to keep going back and forth to get stuff and move stuff… we were fast, OK! But talking about fast, the speed of the 10 Sunshine Boyz and Girlz changing was even faster! After the aforementioned self introduction, they had to perform their talent. They were definitely speedy when it comes to changing from costume to costume, and some of the girls even managed to pull off a change in hair style! Amazing!!! I better ask Cindy, who was helping the girls getting changed, how things are done behind the scene. That aside, all 10 Sunshine Boyz and Girlz are definitely amazingly talented. Reika played “beast piano” (she said her friends gave her that name), Jeffrey played a classical x pop piece on the keyboard, while Basil played the keyboard and sang at the same time. Two of them stomped the stage with dance – Alex did Paso Doble and Ivy a hip-hop number. Grace and Angel mesmerized everyone with singing passionate ballets.  Iver and Jack both rocked the stage with electric guitar while Julia wowed the audiences with a classical piece with Pi-pa.

Besides bringing you the latest news as the SUNSHINE NATION Insider and helping out with moving props, I also got to perform! The guys (James, Kelvin, Felix, and Sam of AM1470 and myself) were the IN-BOYS and we had a little dance off against the GO-GIRLS (Mandy of AM1470, Huxiao, April, and Jessica of FM96.1, and Sunshine Girlz Champion 2008 Anna). We all had a blast! That’s all from the talent show, and we hope to see you all at the Finale on August 28th! Tickets are still available as of the time of this posting so make sure to get tickets before they ran out! Drop by between office hours at our office in Aberdeen Centre to get tickets or call (604) 295-1234 for detail. That’s all I have for now! I will be back~!!!