Posted:August 15th, 2009  |  by Alex
I WANT HIS EARS =( and tweety's mouth, cause its smaller than mine >_<

I WANT HIS EARS =( and tweety's mouth, cause its smaller than mine >_<

hehe SOO, FRIDAY NIGHT! WHAT DO WE DO?! something naughty… ;D LMAAO JOKING NIGHTMARKET althought we did stay out late =O! hehe we as in my friends i like to call BROS, even the GIRLS, well not exactly, but the feeling’s mutual! (8) WE ARE FAAMILY! (8)  anyways! walking through the stalls, buying bbt and beeef skewers here and there, YUM YUM FOR MY TUM TUM =)  i mean ummm, our tum tums =D sharing is caring, and caring is always good =D anyways! Since my dear friend who couldnt come, because she was tired and sick from work, i decided to go buy something for her so she’d feel like she was here all along, which i like to call, a DICKIE. Dont get me wrong, its NOT what you think it is, INFACT, its one of those LOONG pillows with cartoons on them. I got her a baby looney toons one with bugs bunny and the gang!, and have yet to give it to her! i hope she likes it LMAO D=

BUT NOW IM OFF TO MY FRIENDS HOUSE TO WATCH A MOVIE! =D and maybe watch the sunshine.. i mean sunRISE =D


ps – huy is my homie :D and kurtis is my everything =P

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  1. Foker says:

    yo mann =/
    those Squids ftw man
    not the balls, but the BIG pile of squids
    you MUST try ^^

    but beef skewers ? you suure ?

  2. pinkheartberry says:

    you are a cute little boy and have a caring heart because you are worried about your friend. Yeah! Sunshine boys need a caring heart too!

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